Ravensworth-Bristow Civic Association

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Two parades - Saturday, October 27!

There are two parades coming up on Saturday, October 27th. The first one is the Annandale Parade down Columbia Pike. You can watch the fun OR be a part of the parade! If you'd like to be part of the parade, meet Harry Pope, our RBCA President, at the United Methodist Church parking lot on Columbia Pike by 9:30am. You can ride in the back of his truck or walk along side and pass out candy.

The second parade of the day is the RBCA Halloween Parade on Saturday, October 27th, at 4pm. We meet at Claire Grumbly's house, 4804 Erie Street, march down Erie, up Heritage to Newcastle and back to Erie Street. If you live along the parade route, or would just like to, please pass out candy to the children, and make a dog bone to our canine marchers! Yes, the Halloween Parade is open to all children and pets. Please invite your friends, neighbors, grandchildren and more to our annual Halloween Parade!! After the parade, there will be cupcakes and punch.

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